do you feel it?

I just read an articel about "Emotional Wardrobe" in TUSH magazine. Most of their articels are brilliant, but with this one I deeply dissagree! There is one sentece in particular: "technology has to understand us - with our complete emotional complexity..." why? why does my computer has to know whether I am angry or not? They even design clothes which show the "Arousal level" of it's wearer with blinking led's... why would anyoune want this? And what does it realy say about the feelings of this person? The clothes register heartbeat. But there are so many resaons for a racing heart. How should a shirt know whether you are happy, affraid or simply nervous? seriously, especially today when emotional inteligence is more and more threatened with extinction shouldn't we conzentrate on finding that out for ourselfs first? technology is very helpfull that's not questioned. But for the logical part of our life! a computer does not feel! a shirt that meassures heartbeats has not much to do with emotion! Why can't we just accept that we have to deal with our feelings on our own whether we like it or not? We invented machines to think for us and so many stoped thinking... and now we're searching for technology that feels for us. But what happens if people stop feeling, now that the machine does it for them? At the end the computer starts to cry because it can not face all this stone hearted human beeings... is that what we want? sure, it would be easier.
But there's another side to that like it says in "need you now" by Lady Antebellum "I'd rather hurt then feel nothing at all" and I am pretty sure, that every single one who ever experienced this numbness is with them! when you don't feel anything you can't get hurt... but isn't the ability to feel what proves that we are alife? And if we stop feeling or ignore our feelings then what is left? A
enormously intelligent shell that mastered nature and to prove it's intelligence it destroyed itself. another line from the article says: "a natural and intimate communication between human beeings and technology" what is natural about communicating with a machine?

But even I've got to admit it looks pretty cool ;-)