vital stuff

Today it's about realy important stuff. things you should not try to life without. It could work, but why risk something? In that case "no risk, no fun" is on a break! 'cause it could get ugly...

essential #1:
the perfect jeans! perfect fitting, perfect looking, simple 5-pocket blue-jeans. A basic everyone needs. at least one... but a few more don't hurt no one... one good thing about jeans is that you don't need many of them because they are robust and for (almost) every situation fitting! And everyone ( I repeat: EVERYONE) can wear them. You just have to find the right cut! If you haven't found it jet, don't give up. It's out there... you just have to keep looking.

essential #2:
sunglasses (where size does matter!!) mostly it's: the bigger the better, but that depends on your face and favorites. Reasons why you need sunglasses: the world looks freindlier through them and (with the right one) no one can see your tired/sad or maybe even black eyes... they're just like plastic surgery... in some ways... :-)

well, that's all I can think of now. Maybe I'll update it... we'll see.

"I want to die with my blue jeans on" - Andy Warhol