once upon a time - a fashiontale


Founded in may 1932 in south Germany as "Luise Hermann Bekleidungsfabrik", Mustang has become on of Europe's leading jeans and lifestyle brands.
The storyhow the founding family started in the denim business is legen - wait for it... - dary:
In 1948 Albert Sefranek, head of the company at the time, ttradded six bottles of schnapps for six pair of American jeans, that's how they got hands on their first patterns...!
The company's milestones include the first women's jeans and the first courduroys in Europe and the first stretch jeans worldwide.

And they produced happily ever after... ;-)

Today Mustang employs more then 400 people and has an annual turnover of more than 100 Millions (€)...

that's what you should do with schnapps...

Alfred Sefranek