winter wonderland

Just one question: What does the weather want to punish us for so badly? I've got to admit, I missed the snow in December and January, but this? Is this really necessary? -16 ° Celsius during the day and less than -20 ° at night. Now you can even walk on parts of the Lake of Constance... the last time that happened was 1963. I mean sure, it looks great outside... but only from the inside! It looks so peacefull. Like haven laid a white, soft blanket all over the country.
Actually, I don't have to go outside. Did though - wasn't the best idea. I can stay at home. Sit infront of the open fireplace and drink hot tea... It doesn't seem so bad, but unfortunately it's not possible to sit inside forever (or long enugh) because I am moving away and I planned on visiting all the places with which I associate good memories. I spend 21 Years in this area and found some wonderfull places. Small lakes were I spend most of my summers or hidden, beautyfull spots in the middle of hundred year old trees. That's probably what I am going to miss most. The cuntryside. I grew up here and it just feels like it became a part of me. Beeing surrounded by houses and people and cars and big-city-noises all the time will be weird. Nevertheless I'm sure it's going to be a wonderfull experience and a very exciting time.
So long, don't freeze...