I wash my pants of it

types of washes

Chlorine bleaching
most common method of bleaching jeans. the indigo color is removed with NaCOI. depending of temprature, duration and chlorine it's light blue to white. Drawback: can get yellowish...

Glucose bleaching
by adding glucose and NaHO the indigo is degraded from the fibre. the dye is particially removed -> strong contrast. Drawback: needs way more water than the first method.

Hydrogen peroxide bleaching
great bleaching method but very expensive and not easy to use. often used with the glucose bleaching. characteristic: 'moon-washed'

Stone washed
the classic. gives denim a vintage look. pumice stones are added to the wash, the wash cycle can last anything from ten to four hours, depending on the wished effect.

Sand washed
like stone washed but with sand. not good for the machines...

Potassium permanganate bleaching
powerful oxidation. high-active oxigen separates the indigo from the fibres. the cellulose remains unaffected. great method for 'used-looks'.

Enzyme washed
Cellulase enzyms break the cotton. they produce partial surface roughing, mainly at the edges and seams -> looks like 'stone-washed'. This method is very enviromental friendly!

Moon washed
used with stone washing. pumice stones are soaked in chloride pottassium. marbled effect.

the finished clothes are blasted with silicate. it's harmful for the worker!!

there are some more, but these are the most important. hope I forgot none.

Ich wasche meine Hosen in Unschuld...