raise your hands, if you spent hours choosing the right outfit. Mine would be up, but I’ve got to write... just imagine they were up.

This is a fashion- blog by somebody (me), who is obsessed with fashion, especially denim and fashion-photography. Maybe that’s why I became a Fashion Designer…

First of all:

What exactly means “fashion”?

Today, most people mean clothes, when they talk about fashion.

That’s sad, `cause there is so much more to it!

Fashion is the current way, in a particular time frame for a particular group of people, to do something (or to wear something). As long as it doesn’t stay this way but changes. Things that stay the way they are, are called classics.

So fashion isn't just what you're wearing, it can be every thing you do: a style of vacation, food trends, even pop-culture references. Fashion is self-expression. Fashion is in your everyday lives, even if you might not have notices it yet.

“denim titbits”

It’s got a sound to it, doesn’t it? I really like saying that. It sounds good and the word “denim” makes me happy anyway… just think about it… denim… the perfect jeans… maybe a cool jacket…

The good thing (one of many) about jeans is: everyone can wear them! There are so many different cuts and colors. And they go with almost everything. To be exact, the only thing that doesn’t go with jeans are sandals with white socks.

If you go to your closet and pull out your favorite jeans tomorrow just think about it and you will recognize, how great denim is…

So long

“Always be open-minded, curious, forward-thinking and then
suspicious.” – Helmut Lang